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I am science and technology TV producer, author, and behavioral science journalist. I have worked in all areas of production, from segment producing, story producing, field producing, and post (editing, visual/audio FX, audio mixing, and scoring).  


I'm comfortable in any area of production but my expertise is in story, field, shooting for the edit, and working with scientists to translate their findings into exciting, entertaining television. 

I authored a book with Dr. Paul Ekman about behavioral science and media. Time Magazine named

Dr. Ekman "One of the 100 Most Influential Scientists in the World" for pioneering the science of emotions and facial expression. 

Starting out as behavioral science researcher I paid the bills acting before moving into writing and media production.

I also write, direct, and produce comedy.

Science and Tech Television:

Moment, hosted by journalist, Yasser Hareb


I was the producer of Western content for a television series showcasing breakthroughs in science and tech happening in the West. Season one aired on MBC during Ramadan 2016. MBC is a network in the Middle East that reaches 300 million viewers.


My role as producer involved profiling eminent scientists and institutions in the United States, such as: CRISPR genetic engineering pioneer Dr. Doudna at UC Berkely, Second Sight's Bionic Eyeball, and Organovo, the lab at the forefront of human organ bioprinting technology using stem cells.


The show was created to encourage and inspire the next generation of Muslim women and men towards fields in S.T.E.M. ~ science, technology, engineering, and math.  


To view these segments with English subtitles, enable subtitling at the bottom of the YouTube screen (hover over the video until the CC icon appears at the bottom right and click it).


Collaboration between Matternet Drones and UNICEF early infant AIDS diagnostic program in Malawi, Africa.

3D Bioprinting Human Organs

Music, Emotion & Memory

CRISPR/cas9 Gene Editing

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