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Social Media Consulting and Management: Social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand. But knowing this is not the same as experiencing the power of a large, loyal, and engaged following–a following that brings in a 214% plus ROI!

Why Twitter?

Advancing your brand on social media is no small undertaking.

For this reason, most social media experts (me included) recommend concentrating efforts on a single platform in the beginning.  


Let's look at the 3 biggest social media platforms:


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


1. Facebook. Until a few years ago, Facebook was the primary focus for most businesses when it came to social media branding and marketing. Businesses all over the world invested millions of dollars and years of work getting users to like their Facebook page.


The reason was simple: Facebook had the largest share of social media users. If someone liked your Facebook page, daily posts about your product or service would show up in their feed. 


Then one day, Facebook changed its algorithm. Out of nowhere, Facebook decided users were not going to see posts from pages they followed. Millions of dollars and countless hours invested by businesses fizzled overnight.

2.  Instagram is a popular platform with a large share of social media users. It supports images and video exclusively. Although Instagram is not as versatile as Facebook or Twitter for sharing, communicating with followers, and building important B2C relationships, its popularity and utility for social media influencers cannot be ignored.  Depending on your business, Instagram may be the best platform to focus on. Thankfully any photos posted to Instagram can also be posted to your Facebook and Twitter feed.  This way you can keep Facebook, Instagram and Twitter content current while focusing on building a following on a single platform:  For most businesses, I recommend focusing on Twitter

3.  Twitter does not impose any algorithms to control what users see. It doesn't filter out posts. Twitter users who follow you will see your posts in their feed: Images, videos, links, and messages to followers. Twitter lets users (both customers and businesses) maintain control of the information they share and see.


Kind of basic, right?  Kind of important.


This is one of the reasons I usually recommend focusing efforts on building a solid, engaged Twitter following.  

Other reasons to focus on Twitter?

The Numbers:


Check out these powerful statistics about your consumer base on Twitter.


Twitter Business Statistics from Hootsuite, MediaBistro, and Convince and


  • Twitter has over a billion accounts and 310 million active users.

  • 67% of users are more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter.

  • 42% of consumers learn about products and services via Twitter.  

  • 63% follow small businesses to show their support for them. 

  • 30% of Americans who make over $75,000 a year use Twitter (Twitter users have higher expendable incomes).

  • 71% use Twitter multiple times a day.

  • 66% have discovered a new small or medium business (SMB) on Twitter

  • 94% plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow.

  • 69% have already purchased from an SMB because of something they saw in their Twitter feed.

  • 75% feel better about an SMB after following a business and reading its tweets.

  • 99% of users have retweeted a SMB, and 38% have retweeted a new product or service update.

  • 84% use Twitter to shop for deals, product reviews, and gift ideas. Twitter users also shop online nearly twice as much as non-Twitter users—3.6 times per month compared to 1.9 times.


The Bottom Line:


Statistics are invaluable for making objective, business-smart decisions. Managing a Twitter account requires a daily roundup and appraisal of all available data. This information is then combined with the social instincts needed to balance marketing with authentic, real-time, clever, charismatic tweets. Tweets that are not only about marketing and promotion but about the relatable, likable humans behind the brand. 


A strong, strategic social media platform will do more for your business than just about any marketing campaign. Give it a try before sinking money into a Super Bowl ad.


Contact me today to request a quote for either Social Media Consulting or Twitter Account Management Services.




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